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Royal Green Garden park,Astara Royal park,Royal City park,Astara Hotel Complex,Astara Agro park Complex,Astara Logistic and Business center, Stella Residence,Tabriz  Hauses,Nabran Resort Hotel Complex and so on. The founder of the projects is the Royal Holding CJSC,which is in the top of the list of the most advanced  companies today,with its contribution to the processes taking place in the country and the development of the Azerbaijani architecture.

One of the main goals of our company is to develop international competitiveness in many areas of our country though foreign investment in construction,recreation center,agriculture,agrarian complex and manufacturing  facilities.

In this field our company closely cooperates with relevant ministries with the Ministry of Tourism,Ecenomy,Foreign Affair,Finance and Property as well as  the Executive Power of Astara District,Nasimi  and Garadagh region of Baku initial consents have already been obtained in this regard.

The Royal Holding CJSC incorporates companies such as corporation “Royal Constraction Company”,”Royal Investment Group”,” Cottering Services”and “Xila fc”.

Royal Constraction Company.

Royal Holding’s quality and professional activity,Royal Construction Comoany is developing rapidly,creating the best examples of Azerbaijan architecture and taking its worthy place in the construction market.The company demonstrates its professionalism in designing,repairing  and  overhauling,rebuilding ,and renovating.At the same time Company also easily implements various levels of projects such as design,landscape design,industrial,office and residential bulding.Here the architects,designers and engineers,taking into account all the regirement and wishes of the customers, are created with the ultimate goal of creating ,eye-catching charm,creating new  and at the same time unique style.

Royal Investment Group foreign and local physical and legal entities,designed to provide project financing,investment funds and similar financial instutions, holding companies and other activities  not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.In addition to doing this, it generates income from this activity.At the same time it undermines also the economic interests of the founders.

The perfect delight,special taste,comfort and excellence mean that the best way to meet the needs of our customers and clients comes from”Cattering  Service”which was  created  by our company.The company was created to serve Royal and other large-scale companies.The company which will start its operations,was created to provide  usefull and healthy food to our company.

Azerbaijan STELLA Residence

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Hotels Complex in Astara

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Astara Agricultural Complex

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Astara Logistics and Business centre

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Astara Royal Park

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Football Club Khila

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