”Xila” is sponsored by ”Royal Holding”

For now it has only U-15 team.


In the country, interest in football is high so it is understandable that parents want to see their children as footballers in the future. That’s why, many football schools are created ever year. Not just lower age groups of premier league clubs. There are so many children’s soccer schools operating under special names. “Leon”, “Galatasaray”, “Fenerbahce”, “Tekin” and others. It was even possible to expand the list. According to the information we have obtained, one more club has joined.It was Xila, which reflects the past name of Amirjan. At the moment runs under the name U—15 league. Selection works are continued in Baku suburbs and settlements. The sponsorship was taken over by the head of Royal Holding, Ramil Kerimli. That is, the company spends money for the development of football. The team’s inventory, trips, and stadium rent costs are also welcomed by Royal Holding. To date, it has attracted children with targeted potential to U-15 and would benefit from their services in the future. At the same time to introduce the name Xila on a broader scale. By the way, only U-15 is still under the name “Xila”. There was no other age group. In the near future, several more age groups are expected to start operating.The players were from Amirjan and other villages and towns in Baku. For the attention, let’s note that U-15 exercises are held at the Shagan Olympic Complex, where the opponents in the championship will be here. Ali Mammadov, who worked at Shamkir and AZAL now is  the team’s head coach.