Astara Logistics and Business centre

Logistics and business centre

Centre in the area of 42 hectares

It is planned to install a Logistics and Business Center in 42 hectares of land in Archivan village of Astara district. Logistics and business areas are important for creating added value and new jobs and increasing revenue by playing the role of a foundation in the development of all sectors. The logistics and business area to be built on prospects for improving quality and quantity indicators in Azerbaijan will have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

  • Business Centre, where banks, private foreign logistics companies locate


  • Storage of goods in warehouses and refrigerators and reloading to other vehicles


  • Repair and service facilities of TIRs

Motel in the area of 5,5 hectares

      Tourism is recognized as an economic phenomenon of the century, being one of the leading and dynamic sectors of economy. Tourism has a major impact on main sectors of economy such as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods, namely, acts as role of regulation of socio-economic development. Therefore, existence of hotels and motels in cities and regions of our country is very important issue. The total area of the proposed projects for construction of the motels will be 5,5 hectares:

  • Commercial facilities on the 1st floor
  • 200 rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors


It should be noted that social and economic significance of tourism in many countries is as follows:

  • Increases local incomes
  • Develops all industry sectors with preparation of tourist services
  • Activates development of culture
  • Enhances living standard of the local population
  • Increases foreign currency earnings