Azerbaijan STELLA Residence

“Azerbaijan STELLA Residence” project

      The project “Azerbaijan STELLA Residence” will be one of the most successful projects of Royal Holding CJSC for its unique design and technological approach, architectural style and idea. The planned construction site is White City.

      Symbolizing the number of Muslim countries in the world, STELLA Residence consists of 54 floors. The building has many advantages. For example, the building will provide itself with clean water and electricity. Electricity will be generated by wind, while sea water will pass all stages of the filters to meet the technical water needs of the building. Being unique in our country, “Azerbaijan STELLA Residence” will be to everyone’s taste.

The 54-storey building will consist of 3 parts:

  • Hotel
  • Housing complex
  • Business centres

Advantages of “Azerbaijan STELLA Residence

  • Unique design
  • Fascinating view
  • High-level service
  • Sound insulation and ventilation systems
  • 24-hour restaurants
  • Trade and business centres
  • SPA Fitness hall
  • Underground garage