Football Club Khila

Football Club Khila

      FC Khila was established on March 29, 2018. The goal of creation is to bring football to a new stage in Azerbaijan as well as promising footballers to the World Football arena. Initiator of the club’s establishment is Royal Holding CJSC. The company provides the club with Italian uniforms, free trainings, professional video and photo shoots.

      Also, a base was created in regard with physical and psychological preparation of football players. It was determined beforehand that FC Khila will initially take part in the Azerbaijani U-15 football championship as a high-profile football club.

      Currently, all the plans are aimed at this goal and coaching staff has been formed. Executive Director of FC Khila Gulagha Jabbarov says about the team: “At present, 25 players act for Khila football club.

      These promising footballers were involved to the team after selection process in the whole territory of Azerbaijan within several months. For several months, the team has started intensive trainings. Friendly matches are held and, as a result, 7 victories, 1 defeat and 1 draw got out of 9 games.

      The Azerbaijan championship started in September and we try to form optimal squad at that time”. Today, the club manager tries to professionally train young footballers and make them experts.

  We would like to note that managerial staff of Royal Holding CJSC, which sponsors the club, is closely interested in Khila’s activities and attaches great importance to the development of the club and takes part in all games.