Presentation of  large-scale projects to be implemented in our country by ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’. reports that along with local companies, the representatives of foreign contracting companies, who will take part in the implementation of the projects, also participated in the ceremony. General Director of ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’ Ramil Kerimli said that  the company  created to develop the country’s economy, to participate in large-scale construction of the socio-economic sphere, as well as to realize both directly and indirectly to the implementation of the plans envisaged in the “Strategic Road Map”.

One of the main goals of the company is to create international competitive recreation centers, agrarian complexes and production facilities in foreign investment in tourism, construction, agriculture and other fields in our country.

“Especially in recent years, the rapid development of tourism in the country attracts foreign investors to this area and the development of tourism potential of the country is a priority. This development focuses on the company. Works on improving tourism infrastructure, resort hotels, health centers and entertainment centers are underway.

In this field, the company is closely cooperating with relevant ministries (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Economy) and local executive authorities. Increasing the employment rate of the country’s population is one of the key issues in the focus. Thus, implementation of each planned project will play an exceptional role in the development of the region as well as the opening of new jobs.”

Ramil Karimli noted that ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’ considerably attaches great importance to attracting non-oil sector in the country, and noted that this factor has been specially developed.

Then he  briefed on the projects to be implemented in different regions of the country with the participation of foreign investors

The main focus of health and sanatorium complex, created by ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’, is the benefit of high-quality, medical and aesthetic service. One of the main target lines of this project is to provide new employment opportunities in the area, to eliminate the unemployment of the people living in the regions and thus to increase the people’s welfare. Construction of a rehabilitation center will be carried out on 3 hectares.

The project of construction of “Azerbaijan Stella Residence”, which is the general contractor of “Başak İnşaat” by ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’, is implemented by China “KUNMING & SWISS” company. The involvement of foreign inverts, as well as the expansion of the private sector’s activity in the development of the non-oil sector, is of great importance here. A total of 54 floors of a magnificent building will be constructed in Baku, which will have two floors in the White City.

According to the news the company supporting the development of agrarian sector in Azerbaijan will also implement a project on construction of a livestock complex in 500 hectares of land in Samukh region. Meat and meat products will be exported to 500 heads of special kinds of beef cattle. Azerbaijani products will be available for sale in Russia, Georgia, Turkey and other countries under the brand ‘’Made in Azerbaijan’’.

Ramil Kerimli also noted that ‘’ROYAL Holding CJSC’’ will take part in the implementation of a number of socially-oriented programs at the expense of investment income in the regions where the projects are implemented. He said that the company plans to build schools, gardens and other social projects. There are 3 schools and 2 kindergartens in Goygol, 3 schools in Gusar,  kindergartens for 100 children and children’s gardens for 80 people, two kindergartens in Samukh and Ganja, schools for 480 and 264 pupils, and school for 1200 pupils in Dalimammadli village.

It should be noted that the presentation of projects to be implemented in our country with the participation of foreign investors was of great interest by the participants of the event. Representatives of contracting companies expressed their satisfaction with the participation in the implementation of such large-scale projects and stressed that it was a great contribution to the Azerbaijani economy.